What Separates Kulp Physical Therapy and Massage
from Other Physical Therapists?

  1. Kulp Physical Therapy and Massage has (2) manually certified physical therapists with almost 45 years of combined experience. They have advanced training in Maitland joint mobilization techniques, strain – counter strain techniques, connective tissue mobilization techniques, neural mobilizations, and Sahrmann movement impairment exercises. This level of manual therapy in a physical therapy clinic is unparalleled. Our physical therapist will also prescribe an exercise program to be used at home that will help the individual heal themselves through their own efforts.
  2. Kulp Physical Therapy and Massage is different from other PT’s in that we more thoroughly evaluate you and do not rush you through the evaluation process. We evaluate how each.patient's physical dysfunction affects their work life, daytime life activities and even in their sports or recreation activities. We are unique in our ability to differentiate difficult symptoms and figuring out, through a detailed evaluation process, what the root of the problem is. We listen to the patient describe their pain and acknowledge them and their symptoms.
  3. Kulp Physical Therapy and Massage has no Physical therapy assistants, personal trainers or exercise personnel. You will be seen by a physical therapist in a one on one treatment session for 30 to 45 min. In other words, you get what you pay for.
  4. Kulp Physical Therapy and Massage integrates other therapies into your rehabilitation. Enjoy a massage with our Orthopedic Massage Therapist who is skilled at using Massage Therapy to help the individual reduce their muscle tension symptoms that can range through the individual’s body and influence their posture, stress and pain.

Come to Kulp Physical Therapy and Massage to find out how we can help you or someone you know with Physical Symptoms. Remember, you don’t need a prescription to start physical therapy.*

10 Reasons to come to Physical Therapy & Massage

  1. Kulp Physical Therapy and Massage provides one on one treatments, (no groups) in private treatment room settings.
  2. We are highly trained physical therapists in treatments involving trigger point treatment, joint mobilizations, neural mobilizations, movement based exercises.
  3. We work with the patient to affect their care.
  4. We will see you within 5 minutes of your appointment, we are on time.
  5. Individualized treatment sessions run 30 – 45 min. continuously with no interruptions.
  6. We communicate regularly with your doctor.
  7. When you call us, we will talk to you then or call you back the same day you contact us. There is no waiting to hear from us.
  8. We develop individualized, home-based exercise plans. There's no having to come in to exercise only at our clinic.
  9. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They will reduce your stress associated with your symptoms.
  10. Bedside manner is important – it’s the lost form of medical treatment. We care, we listen and we are there for you.